Silly seals

PLay to earn game is out!

Silly Seals play to earn game

Screenshot and Post your highscore in our discord channel! (at least 100 points)

Highest ranking players that hold at least 1 silly seal will earn rare Nfts worth $100-$500 in april.

They will also get a shoutout on our twitter.

we'll start with cash prizes for holders at 1500 mints. if you want a stable income with a simple game, share this game with everyone you know!

Keybinds: A & D (move), Space (jump), mouse click (shoot).


Dates Achievements

August 2021

Concept Design. ✅

September 2021

Creation of Silly Seals layers in Photoshop. ✅

October 2021

Coding the random generation program with Visual Studio Code. ✅

November 2021

Community building and initial marketing. ✅

December 2021

  1. Launch of Silly Seals NFTs. ✅
  2. Launch of website version 1.0. ✅
  3. 300 mints. ✅

Q1 2022

  1. Become a verified collection on Solsea. ✅
  2. Continue building community on Twitter, Instagram and Discord. ✅
  3. Marketing. ✅
  4. Put together team for Silly Seals game. ✅

Q2 2022

  1. 10.000 community members for Twitter/Instagram/Discord
  2. Game Demo. ✅
  3. Play to earn game v1.0.0 published. ✅
  4. Organizing tournaments with prizes up to 4 SOL. 
  5. 3000 mints.
  6. NFT masterclass for holders. LEARN HOW TO MAKE YOUR OWN NFTs.

Q3 2022

  1. Launch of the Silly Seals token $SEALS.
  2. 4500 mints.
  3. Second play to earn game development, go on an adventure and collect $SEALS coins!

Q4 2022

  1. Launch second play to earn adventure game, fully integrated with blockchain to earn $SEALS tokens.
  2. Sell out our NFTs.

1 Silly Seal gives you access to small play to earn rewards.

An army of 5 Seals unlocks prizes up to 4 SOL! And these cash prizes can be won twice a month.


A collection of 7777 unique NFTs with a metaverse / game and its own economy. The NFT collection has a raising floor price, ensuring an increase in value over time.

Our first play to earn game is a 2D platformer shooter, where you can earn high scores in tournaments. These tournaments will have cash prizes. 

Our second game will be a 2D platformer adventure type game, where you explore a world and collect coins. These coins will be interchangeable with other cryptocurrencies in Q3/Q4.

Your Silly Seals will also function as a ticket to our exclusive course on how to make your own NFTs.

  1. The raising floor price can mean huge profits for you.
  2. Use your Silly Seal as an exclusive ticket to pro courses on how to make your own NFT collection!
  3. Play the game to earn even more money.
  4. We have a great community. Join our socials at the bottom of this page.

All our NFTs will be posted on Solsea. Check out our official collection at the bottom of this page. In our Discord you can earn special discounts by completing certain challenges, like being active or getting enough invites! You can even earn airdrops of special NFTs.

The layers of the seals are designed in Photoshop, then an algorithm coded with Microsoft Visual Studio Code randomly generated the NFTs. 

No, due to the random sorting algorithm, some seals have more rare characteristics than others. For example a yellow seal is very rare, legendary in fact, while a blue one is fairly common. 

All the exact percentages are listed on our website, in the rarity page. Try to get a rare one for a good price, this will mean way bigger earnings in the play to earn game. Or just hold it and flip it at the right time.

Recommended wallets are Phantom or Solflare.